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In Memory of Brandi

Placed: 5-11-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and Molly)
Location: Lebanon Connecticut, New London County
Rated: Easy

At the intersection of Routes 66 and 85 in Hebron, take route 85 south headed for Colchester. Proceed until you come to Route 207 and turn left onto 207. You will go up a small hill. The rail road line crosses route 207 here and there is good parking.

After parking, you will take the trail on the left hand side of the road which is the old air line rail road and is going northeast. Proceed down the old air line rail road. The trail starts off very straight and has been improved with gravel for hiking. The trail will go alongside a small brook. What you are looking for is a gap that was cut through the stone when making the rail road. There is a very small cut you will go through and this one may fool you. The one you are looking for is the first one you come to with large stone ledge on the right and a small amount showing on the left. It is not huge but is taller than a person. Go to a point on the trail where the south side ledge is at itís highest. Look at that point for a man made mark of a shaft that cut through the ledge to split it. Take a reading of 350 degrees and look on top of the opposite hill to see two small to medium size oak trees that are growing from one trunk. In the gap between them where they join together, there is a small rock wedged between them. This is the tell tale sign that you are at the right location. You have to get to that tree. There is logging that has been done on the hill. Please go to a point that is not so steep to get to this tree on top of the hill. There is a pile of rocks against the tree. Remove the wood and sticks that form a door to a man made rock cavern. The box is in there. After stamping in, go back the way you came.

When you leave the parking area be very careful. You cannot see the traffic coming over the hill.

This box was planted in memory of my best friend, and hiking partner. We traveled throughout this area over 15 years ago, on and off trails, through Lebanon, Hebron and Columbia. She knew every hill, valley, lake, swamp and stream and shared many memorable adventures with me. I could not have had a better or truer friend than my dog Brandi.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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