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Schoolhouse Brook Park North, Mansfield CT
Schoolhouse Brook Park South, Mansfield CT
Map of Connecticut Towns and Counties
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Update on our trail name: On 10/14/08 we changed our trail name from Chuck and Amy, formerly Chuck and Molly to WWW; We Who Wander. We now have a new hand made signature stamp that represents Amy, Chuck and Barbara. Until now we had the same store bought stamps for almost 7 years. As of 2013, we have made a change to our signature stamp to include Lucy.

In 2008 Lenny and Cathy from The NeeDeeps asked us to adopt their letterboxes as they would no longer be letterboxing. Several people have helped us by adopting boxes that are not nearby to us. The NeeDeeps boxes are listed on LbNA but are shown as planted by WWW. They are not shown on the list below.

Note: We are doing maintenance on our boxes as time allows. When we have confirmed a box is in place, a notation will be made on the clues page.


Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

WWW's Letterboxes in Connecticut:
Sorted by Town  

Letterbox Name

Town County
In Search of Peg Entwistle Andover Tolland
Ashford's Nipmuck Picture This Ashford Windham
Ashford's Nipmuck Trail Ashford Windham
Boston Hollow Letterbox Ashford Windham
In Search of A Unicorn Ashford Windham
In Search of Grays Ashford Windham
Nipmuck & Natchaug Junction -
Clues Updated 4/9/11
Ashford Windham
Thomas Knowlton Ashford Windham
Tinkerville Brook Ashford Windham
Smokey The Bear Barkhamsted Litchfield
In Search of The Beast of Exmoor Bolton Tolland
In Search of Kate Morgan Bozrah New London
Bark At The Moon Chaplin Windham
Black Spruce Pond Chaplin Windham
Fairy of the Falls Chaplin Windham
Forgotten Woodpile Chaplin Windham
Ghost Train Chaplin Windham
A Christmas Carol (2) Retired Colchester New London
Holocaust Remembrance Colchester New London
Utley Hill Preserve Columbia Tolland
In Search of the White Horse of Uffington Coventry Tolland
Beaverdam Brook Eastford Windham
Bigelow Brook Eastford Windham
General Lyon's Birthplace Eastford Windham
General Lyon Memorial Eastford Windham
Stones Brook Eastford Windham
Snooping Around Gillette Castle
5/5/08-Box has been stolen
East Haddam Middlesex
Snooping Around Gillette Castle Again (Retired 10/24/09) East Haddam Middlesex
Snoopy Defiant (Retired 10/24/09) East Haddam Middlesex
In Search of Mokele-Mbembe
Unavailable - Box has been pulled for service 4/9/11
East Hampton Middlesex
In Search of The Dragon of Krakow East Lyme New London
Klaatu barada nikto Glastonbury Hartford
Portrait of a Letterbox Thief Groton New London
Airline Hampton Station Hampton Windham
Clarks Corner Hampton Windham
Creatures of Myth and Legend (6) Hampton Windham
Hampton Reservoir Hampton Windham
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Hampton Windham
In Search of The Ghost of Annabel Lee Hampton Windham
Pony Express (adopted box) Hampton Windham
Trailwoods Back Door Series (3) Hampton Windham
Treasure of the Rails Hampton Windham
Welcome Ginger Hampton Windham
In Search of The Cottingley Fairies Hebron Tolland
In Search of Ogopogo Killingly Windham
Gray of Liberty Hill Lebanon New London
In Memory of Brandi Lebanon New London
In Search of Resurrection Mary Lyme New London
4 8 15 16 23 42 (2) Mansfield Tolland
Air Mail - Box Retired 9/30/13 Mansfield Tolland
Atwoodville Mansfield Tolland
Barrows Pond Mansfield Tolland
Deer Tripod Mansfield Tolland
Dunham Woods Mansfield Tolland
Elephant Safari North (4) Retired 9/30/13 Mansfield Tolland
Elephant Safari South (6) Retired 9/30/13 Mansfield Tolland
In Search of The Abominable Snowman Mansfield Tolland
In Search of The Bunyip of the Billabong Mansfield Tolland
In Search of Caddy Mansfield Tolland
In Search of The Real Mad Hatter Mansfield Tolland
In Search of The Mongolian Death Worm Mansfield Tolland
In Search of Nessie (Box is Missing) Mansfield Tolland
In Search of Sasquatch Retired 2/23/16 Mansfield Tolland
In Search of Screaming Skulls (4) Mansfield Tolland
In Search of The Skunk Ape Mansfield Tolland
In Search of Spring Heeled Jack Mansfield Tolland
Lions Club Park Soccer Fields Mansfield Tolland
Old Drum Mansfield Tolland
Ponde Place Mansfield Tolland
Quiet, Or You'll Wake The Dead! Mansfield Tolland
Squirrel's Treasure Mansfield Tolland
The Lost Marker Mansfield Tolland
Walk Like An Egyptian (5) Mansfield Tolland
Ye Olde Cemetery Retired Mansfield Tolland
Rub A Dub Dub Mansfield Depot Tolland
In Search of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon
Confirmed Missing-Not being replaced
Marlborough Hartford
North Windham Station North Windham Windham
In Search of The Curse of Tutankhamun Plainfield Windham
Abington on the Air Line Retired Pomfret Windham
Elliott Station Pomfret Windham
Mashamoquet Brook Air Line Tunnel   Pomfret Windham
Pomfret Station Pomfret Windham
The Nightmare Pomfret Windham
Putnam Air Line Bridge Putnam Windham
Putnam Air Line Gorge Putnam Windham
In Search of The Black Dog of Bungay Scotland Windham
Great East Thompson Train Wreck (4) Thompson Windham
In Search of The Yowie Thompson Windham
They're Watching You Thompson Windham
Reap The Harvest Union Tolland
In Search of The Billy Goat Curse - Retired Waterford New London
In Search of Phantom Kangaroos Willington Tolland
Hidden Fish Ponds Windham Windham
Molly Looking for Ginger Hitchhiker
(Retired 9/14/03)
Hitchhiker Hitchhiker
Resurrection Mary HH Hitchhiker Hitchhiker
Tiny Kangaroo HH Hitchhiker Hitchhiker
Chuck & Molly's Personal Traveler
(Retired 6/10/06)
Traveler Traveler

Letterboxes in Other Places:

Letterbox Name

In Search of The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill Burrillville, Providence County, Rhode Island
In Search of La Llorona Borrego Springs, San Diego County, California
In Search of The Lost Dutchman's Mine Apache Junction, Arizona
They're Here, They Are, They Are, They Are  (2) Douglas, Worcester County, Massachusetts
In Search of The Taniwha Kaikoura, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand
Rocky Mountain Elk Copperton, Utah
Utah's State Animal (GFCS #4) Park City, Utah

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